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Side Dishes

Holiday Stuffing

Author: Andrea Slonecker
Serves: 8

Featuring our Cranberry Red Wine pork sausage, this side will be the highlight of your holiday table.


Orange-Cranberry Relish

Author: Eliza Adam
Serves: Makes about 3 cups

I like the fresh “zing” combination of cranberries with oranges on various holiday dishes, and I love using any of my relish leftovers on top of yogurt in the morning.

brussel sprout gratin

Side Dishes

Brussels Sprouts Gratin

Author: Eliza Adam
Serves: Serves 4

This is a simple gratin that works perfectly with almost any type of vegetable. Here, Brussels sprouts are paired with Swiss cheese sauce.

Main Dishes

Toad in the hole

Author: Andrea Slonecker
Serves: 4

A classic English dish of sausages baked into a crisp Yorkshire pudding with cider-onion gravy.