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Lovepop Cards

Make someone’s day with these beautiful 3D cards!

Wine Newsletter

September Wine Specials

This month we’re highlighting the Willamette Valley’s Flâneur Wines featuring wines from Ribbon Ridge and Chehalem Mountain AVAs.

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CBD Beverages

Learn all about our new lineup of CBD infused beverages!

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Beija Flor

Each of these vinyl placemats and floor mats beautifully showcases ancient artistry and tradition.

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Olive Oil

Learn more about the over 75 unique olives oils we carry in our store.

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Hatch Chiles

Catch the Hatch Hype. Grown in Hatch Valley, New Mexico, these meaty green chiles are available only for a limited time.

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Back to School

Get ready for the start of the school year with these lunchtime essentials!


Northwest Organic Farms

Learn about the farm behind Zupan’s beautiful heirloom tomatoes.

Wine Newsletter

August Wine Specials

This month we’re highlighting four wines from Spain’s Catalonia, Rìas Baixas, and Rioja wine regions.

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What’s New August 2019

Check out these new items now available on our grocery shelves –   Mad Minis Ice Cream Sandwiches, Pasta di Liguria, Drift West Water Kefirs, Siete Grain-Free Tortilla Chips & Thaiwala Thai Tea.

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Z Wrap

Introducing a reusable, washable, and environmentally friendly alternative to plastic wrap. The Z Wrap is made with 100% cotton fabric, organic beeswax, organic jojoba oil & tree resin. 

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Lytle Barnett Sparkling Wine

A Zupan’s wine exclusive, Lytle • Barnett vintage sparkling wines are created locally with the exact specifications of vintage French Champagne.