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Learn more about this line of gluten-free flax baked goods from Bellingham, Washington.


New Cascadia Traditional

Founded in 2006, this Portland-based business is a dedicated gluten-free bakery facility that specializes in hand-crafted artisan breads & pastries. All products are crafted out of high quality, locally sourced ingredients. They verify and source that ingredients are safe for those with gluten intolerance or Celiac Disease and they also take precaution in eliminating cross-contamination with […]


City Greens

Portland-based City Greens is a small & innovative urban farm that provides our stores with fresh microgreens that are cut to deliver.


Carlton Farms

Founded in 1956, 47 miles away in Carlton, Oregon, a man by the name of Henry “Hank” Duyn began Carlton Packing Company. Nowadays, the company is known as Carlton Farms, and it’s still a family-run operation led by Rita Duyn, producing top-quality pork, beef, and smoked meat products. Carlton Farms isn’t a simple family farm; […]


Harris Ranch

Zupan’s Markets partners with family-owned and operated Harris Ranch Beef to source all our beef. Established in 1937, Harris Ranch is committed to producing the highest quality beef and has built a system where cattle are sourced, fed, and humanely processed exclusively by Harris Ranch. Harris Ranch’s plant was designed by Temple Gradin, the noted […]


Portland Creamery

Inspired by her mother Jean Mackenzie–of Mackenzie Creamery in Hiram, Ohio–Liz Alvis started Portland Creamery in October 2011 after 7 years in the wine industry. The creamery’s mission is simple: turn high-quality single-origin goat milk into delicious cheese. Portland Creamery sources milk from a herd of goats that was started in 1962 and has been […]