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Main Dishes

Pork Carnitas

Author: Eliza Adam

This Mexican pulled-pork dish is perfect for a weeknight dinner. I just love the tenderness and succulent texture of spice pork shoulder for my taco filling. It's muy delicioso!


Stuffed Avocados

Author: Karen Persson
Serves: Makes 4 halves

Creamy avocados, Gruyère, and fresh Parmigiano-Reggiano make this a delicious & satisfying side dish for any weeknight meal.


Rhubarb-Raspberry Lemonade

Author: Eliza Adam
Serves: Makes 1¼ quarts

This is one of the best tasting lemonades ever made! With the tangy rhubarb combined with sweet raspberry, it’s the must-try drink recipe of the season.