Mushroom Ravioli Olio with Parmesan

Aside from being ridiculously fun to say, Ravioli Olio is ridiculously easy to make.


Simple Bucatini all’Amatriciana

This pasta dish only requires a few ingredients, but is full of bright & sophisticated flavors.


Rosemary Cookies

It’s such a unique mix: savory herbs in a sweet cookie. But these cookies have such a lovely, delicate flavor and texture bound to make those tasting take a second bite. And then a third, and a fourth…


Penne all’Arrabbiata

This sauce is a spicy standby when you are looking for a little extra heat in your pasta.


Hot Chile Chili

Calling everyone who likes spicy food! This hot & spicy chili recipe will make your taste buds dance!


Zupan’s Albacore Tuna & Cherry Tomato Bites


Potato and Shishito Pepper Hash


Lamb Chops with Raspberry Marsala Sauce


Braised Salmon with Tomato & Coconut Sambal

Red curry paste, tomato, and coconut milk make a slightly spicy and rich sauce to go with salmon.


Strawberry Anarchy Cake

Italian food lover and cookbook author Faith Willinger told me she improvised this unusual recipe when she had a rather empty larder and company coming for dinner. You might think the “anarchy” is in putting salad


Tonnato Nicoise Toasts

Step up your toast game with this recipe featuring Zupan’s albacore tuna.


Tuna Lettuce Wrap

This simple avocado tuna salad in butter lettuce makes a perfect snack, lunch or dinner.


Classic Cucumber Coconut Salad

A classic South Indian salad, this combination of crisp cucumber and creamy, juicy, freshly-grated coconut makes it the perfect summer dish!


Sunchoke Soup with Pepitas

This vegetarian soup uses Jerusalem artichokes & toasted pumpkin seeds for a rich, hearty flavor.


Apple Curry Kale Salad

Refreshing & healthy, this is the perfect salad to pack in your lunch for work.


Seared Halibut with Beluga Lentils and Salsa Verde

Rich halibut atop hearty lentils & zesty salsa is a perfect recipe to serve for guests.


Spicy Buttermilk Chicken Tenders with Peanut Sauce

A spicy twist to a chicken classic.


Citrus and Halloumi Salad

Flavors come together in perfect harmony with this vegetarian salad.


Caesar-y Whole Wheat Pasta Salad with Crispy Prosciutto

This flavorful salad makes a great weeknight springtime BBQ side dish or great lunch.


Simple Brussels Sprouts Salad

This simple brussels sprouts salad features in-season flavors perfect for winter’s cooler months.

Crab Spread

Devlin Crab Spread

This rich spread is perfect for any occasion & when paired with crackers or pita chips, is a wonderful appetizer for entertaining guests.

Crab Boats

Crab Boats

This side dish consisting of crab atop fresh endive, walnuts, & dried cranberries tossed in a rich dressing, is a must-try for any crab lover.


Jícama Salad with Brown Sugar, Nuts, & Raisins

The jícama is such an interesting little vegetable. It’s sweet, like an apple, and can be used as a stand-in for apples in many dishes.


Spicy Indian Chicken Skewers with Tikka Masala Dipping Sauce

Liven up your winter gathering with these exotic skewers served with a bold dipping sauce.