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Pesto made out of ramps and leeks

Side Dishes

Leek Scape & Ramp Pesto

Author: Sarah Maryatt

Try this delicious pesto made with a base of leek scapes and seasonal ramps! A perfect addition to any spring or summer meal.


Bacon-wrapped Medjool Dates

Author: Jillian & Malcolm Bedell
Serves: Makes 8

This canapé has it all. The date is cloyingly sweet—the cheese is creamy, salty, and tangy and complements the fruit, cutting the date’s sugary intensity


Cardamom-laced Doughnuts

Author: Julie Rylander

These doughnuts are a gorgeous and fun addition to any breakfast or brunch, and your guests or family will not believe how simple they are to make. The chewy texture and sweet cardamom flavor lend a sophisticated air to a treat that really just brings out the kid in all of us.