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White Bean & Lamb Soup

Author: Kate at Burnside
Serves: 4

Says Kate, "This is a great soup that I’ve made for Zupan’s. I hope you have as much fun making soup as I do!"


Pesto Farfalle

Author: Julie Rylander

The pasta I’ve used here, farfalle, means “butterfly”, and the thicker texture is a good balance for the sweet and flavorful classic pesto.

rosemary cookies


Rosemary Cookies

Author: Julie Rylander

It’s such a unique mix: savory herbs in a sweet cookie. But these cookies have such a lovely, delicate flavor and texture bound to make those tasting take a second bite. And then a third, and a fourth...

chili and cornbread

Main Dishes

Hot Chile Chili

Author: Haley Isaf, Macadam Foodie

Calling everyone who likes spicy food! This hot & spicy chili recipe will make your taste buds dance!