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Main Dishes

Harris Ranch Corned Beef & Cabbage

Author: Harris Ranch Beef
Serves: 6-8

Our Harris Ranch corned beef briskets are cured ever so slowly for optimal tenderness and flavor. Available in old fashioned cure with traditional spice blend or a more mild variety.

spiced grapefruit tea


Spiced Grapefruit Tea

Author: Eliza Adam
Serves: Serves 4

A warm, spiced drink is what I crave during wintertime, and this delightful, comforting tea is my favorite one to make.


Mandarin Posset

Author: Eliza Adam
Serves: Serves 4

A posset is a type of dessert similar to pudding that is made with citrus juice, cream, and sugar. Any citrus flavor will work great in posset. Mandarin orange is naturally sweet so the addition of tart lemon juice will balance the sweetness.


Spiced Pear Butter

Author: Eliza Adam
Serves: Makes about 1½ lbs.

The delicate flavor of pears is enhanced with spices and finished off with crystallized ginger to add a kick to this otherwise mellow butter.


Pear Cherry Crisp

Author: Eliza Adam
Serves: Serves 4 to 6

A wonderfully simple crisp made with pears and dried cherries that delivers fall flavors with every bite.

Side Dishes

Fall Apple Sauce

This apple sauce is really easy to put together and also freezes well. If you do want to freeze it, double the recipe.